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George Howle - Guitar Teacher
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Start learning with a guitar teacher George Howle based in Manchester.

Here at Singing Lessons Manchester we have now paired up with experienced local guitar teacher George Howle to offer you the opportunity to take exciting and enjoyable guitar lessons. George offers guitar lessons in a wide variety of styles and genres for all ages. Here is what he has to say about his guitar lessons:

"Learning to play the guitar is an ideal accompaniment for many singers. It is also a great creative tool, enabling singers to develop their own songwriting abilities. It helps to focus singers on combining vocal melody and lyrical content with chord patterns. Thankful Manchester has many local guitar teachers who would be delighted to help you to learn to play the guitar.

Indeed, I am able to offer guitar lessons to students by travelling to students' home to provide the lessons. I welcome students who are beginners, helping them to gain a basic foundation of how to play the guitar, before progressing onwards. Intermediate and more advanced guitarists are also welcome to come for lessons on either the electric or the acoustic guitar.

I focus my lessons on including songs that my students enjoying listening to. Consequently, I offer guitar lessons across a wide range of musical genres, including Pop, Rock, Jazz, Soul, Blues and Classical. Incorporating these music genres and styles into the lesson content to ensure my students really enjoy what we are learning. I teach students from the ages of 5 upwards and charge £10 per half or £20 per hour for my guitar lessons. If you are interested in booking guitar lessons with myself don't hesitate to get in touch by reaching out to me on email: for more information. You can also find out further information by visiting my Guitar Lessons Manchester page."


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